Memolane Shuts Down

Something must be in the air... hot on the heels of Posterous closing their doors Memolane is shutting down as well.  Memolane aggregated my social/clound content, like photos, facebook posts, etc, and put it into a timeline.  

In my inbox today Memolane informed me that their team ".. is joining another company that will utilize the Memolane features in an expanded way.." which 

... means that we will be shutting down the service. Your account with Memolane and all its content will be deleted on Friday Feb. 22th. Please note that Memolane only aggregates content so all of your social media memories will still be available on the existing social media services you use. 


Umm.. February 22'nd is tomorrow!  Thats really short notice!  However, since they only aggregate content its not like I'll be losing anything.  Honestly, I seldom visited my the Memolane site, but I really enjoyed the e-mail that they would send daily.  Usually it was a photo from my timeline.. which usually was a cute picture of my  daughter.

Their notice kind of alludes to Facebooks timeline being the "ultimate validation" of their idea.. and maybe that is why the service is no more.?