Teaching Kids to Code, iDuprey.com Update, and More

Teaching Kids...

I haven't given my site, iDuprey.com, much love since my last journal post - dated April 22, 2013! In that post I talked about volunteering to help teach kids to code.  That effort went well and I have helped teach many a class.  For one season, I was the primary instructor for a "Learn Web Development" class.  Our group of merry volunteers even took the show off the Thomson Reuters campus and taught at the Notre Dame Learning Center.  It has been a very rewarding experience and I plan to do more soon which why I've felt the need to dust off this site.


I have blogged periodically since September 2004.  Earlier, really, but those are mostly lost to the ether.  (I've had a "Web Presence" since 2000 ..ish.)  But, lets face it,  I'm not a blogger and my life isn't that interesting.  With family life, professional life, and a little bit of volunteer work there hasn't been much thought of pausing for reflection, let alone sharing it here.  So iDuprey.com and specifically my blog have sat mostly dormant over the years.

With Google+ and Twitter for public and semi-public sharing and Facebook for friends and family sharing I haven't had much of a need for the blog..  The focus of iDuprey.com is now about my personal Web Presence.  The home page is updated.  You get a terse summary of who and what I am along with some cover images that attempt to highlight those themes.  

iDuprey.com Home - Feburary 11, 2015

..And, blogger or no, I've dusted off the blog.  First post since 2013!  Woot!  

Teaching Kids, Again

I'll be teaching kids to code at my daughter's school the end of February.  I'm hoping it goes well and I like to think I'll carve out enough time to share the experience here.  We will see.