L2C4K Winter 2015 Week 2 Completed

Huzzah!  Week 2 of L2C4K is completed.  This week, the kids learned about "sequences" by moving "Angry Birds" through mazes and having an artist draw on the screen - all using a graphical programming language called Blockly.  

Most kids moved pretty quickly through the self-paced lessons.  Those that finished with time to spare, I redirected to another great tutorial - Khan Academy Hour of Code.  This tutorial teaches code using text which is what most programmers really do.  It was a great segue from Blockly.

Don't worry if your student didn't get to the Khan Academy site.  This was optional and  just provided more depth on the topic.  We'll dig deeper into text based coding with a language called JavaScript as the class progresses.

Most of the learning was hands on and gamified.  Here are the supporting slides used this week:[Slides][Quiz] Embedded (Click on slides below to advance):

Next week, we will learn about loops and a little more about text-based coding.