L2C4K Winter 2015 Week 3 Completed

This week (3) in L2C4K the kids learned about "loops" or repeating a sequence or code a number of times.  We also talked more about text-based code and "debugging".  Debugging is the term we use when we figure out what is wrong with our code and fix it.  

My daughter, Emma, helped demonstrate looping code by showing off her prototype snow removal robot.  It used a loop to repeat the steps to plow snow.

The students watched the robot and tried to identify the steps that were repeating.  Later in the class, the students practice coding loops on the computer.  The exercises used similar scenarios as before - moving "Angry Birds" and zombies throw mazes, etc.  

Here are the supporting slides used this week: [Slides][Quiz] Embedded (Click on slides below to advance):

I think the students found these exercises more challenging.  It really required them to slow down and think about the largest set of instructions they could get into each loop/iteration.  They only got about half way through these exercises so we will pick up where we left off last time.  If they finish that, we will learn "conditionals".  Conditionals determine which instructions to run based on certain.. you guessed it "conditions".

I also asked the children to think about ideas for a fun coding project idea.  If we have time at the end, I have hopes that we will be able to write a real program - a game, or some other simple app.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next class!