L2C4K Winter 2015 Week 5 Completed

Week 5 is completed and we are definitely at the halfway point! There was no class last week so the kids were a bit rusty on the concept of "conditionals".  We will review conditionals next week to reinforce the concept. This week the kids learned about "events".  

An event is an action that causes something to happen.  Programmers can attach code to events.  When the event occurs (e.g. the mouse is moved, a key is pressed, time runs out, battery runs low, etc.) that code will be run.  Its a simple idea, but it allows your program to react  changes.  Its a key capability in games, for example. The kids seemed to enjoy the hands on exercises.  The last exercise allowed them to make a simple "Flappy Bird" game and another one let them create a story or a game by moving characters around the screen.  I saw a lot of creativity!  For example, Nic created one where a zombie that he controlled with the arrow keys  and when he touched the other character, it became a zombie too!

The kids also learned about St. Kateri's Lego League club - FLL.  Daniel was kind enough to tell the kids about it.  At least half the class was already in Lego League, but I think it was still good for them to reflect on it.

Next week we are going to talk about "data" and start to plan in earnest our "team project".  I've been thinking hard about how to transition the kids from concepts to "real coding" - what platform to use, how to approach a first program, etc.  We'll try to nail some of that down at the next class.  I suspect we will create a game of some sort - in one or two teams.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

Just a quick "plug" for the http://l2c4k.com site.  This is a notebook that I'm building out as we progress along.  It will have links to class materials, as well as links to other resources.  If your kids have interest in learning outside of the class there's good stuff there!


I look forward to seeing everyone at the next class!

Here are the supporting materials: [Quiz][Slides] Embedded (Click on slides to advance):