Anything But Last... How About First?

Our volleyball team, "Anything But Last," won the rec. league playoffs.  As you can guess by the name, our team has NOT been very good in past seasons.  It seems we have started to settle into a real team though.  In all fairness, there weren't too many teams this season so we were pretty much guaranteed a shot in the playoffs.  The amazing thing is that we beat some of the toughest teams - teams that, in the past, have punished us horribly.  We played 3 sets, 7 individual games, over the span of five hours and I'm sore as heck!  I may not be able to walk tomorrow!  :)

We play at Hot Shots.  Our name will likely suit us again next season because we are moving up to the intermediate league.  No.  Success hasn't gone to our heads already, we just waited too long to sign up for the rec. league.  All the spots were filled.  The level of play at the intermediate level will be considerably tougher and I wouldn't be surprised if we *are* last.  That's OK though.  It'll be a good time to develop skills.

They took our picture.  I suspect it'll be posted here eventually.  (Actually they put the picture in a location that isn't easily linkable.  See pic below.)  I'll be the guy that looks like he just jumped in the pool.  I am a sweaty, disgusting man.  I have a volleyball page here, but it is very much out of date.  You may find the links useful though.