BSG: Episode "You Can't Go Home Again"

The BSG writers are skating on thin ice. In this week's episode "You Can't Go Home Again," Starbuck is stranded on a moon after a serious solo dog fight with 8+? cylon fighters. On the moon, she manages to find a downed cylon craft and get it working. The ship is based on organic technology. She cuts her way into it. The ship's cockpit has a big hole in it from the dog fight and she plugs it with part of her space suit. She figures out how to fly it.. somehow.. and takes it into space. I found it hard to suspend disbelief that this ship could pressurize and protect her body from the vacuum of space using a just a space suit "plug." Perhaps it is my child-like understanding of space.?

The other tough pill to swallow is to know that Adama would put the last vestige of humanity at risk to save one fighter pilot - as hot as she might be. For the show to succeed, it has to be about the drama and not the tech., but it must still follow some sort of rule book for what is and is not allowed. Otherwise, the drama becomes meaningless. If in the next episode I see Starbuck get out of a sticky situation by clicking her heels three times and saying "There's no place like Caprica! There's no place like Carpica! ..." I'm turning the TV off!