Buzz Out Loud 1228: We salute you, Tom Merritt (podcast) | Buzz Out Loud Podcast - CNET Blogs

Tom Merritt left Buzz Out Loud (BOL). I stopped listening to BOL years ago, but I still follow the "characters" that originally launched that show. Veronica Belmont left July 2007. She was the young, girl-next-door, geek's dream gf/bff, and definitely brought in a couple of different demographics to the BOL show. She moved on to other adventures. It seems Tom Merritt is ready for new adventures too.

During his tenure on BOL, Tom Merritt demonstrated journalistic integrity by considering both sides of popular technology issues, often playing devil's advocate to Molly Wood's position.  He was articulate and quick with the nerdy jokes that would make you roll your eyes and groan.  He will be starting with Leo Laporte's TWiT network June 1.  I look forward to seeing what he does next.

That leaves Molly Wood as that last original member of the BOL team. Molly is famous for her rants which used to be entertaining, but as time passed they seemed to impede rational discussion rather than provide insightful opinion and passion to technology news.  I may just have to start listening to the show to see how the dynamic changes with Tom gone.