Crazy People and Karma

Here's a conversation I recently had with one of my neighbors - a woman in her late forties / early fifties.

neighbor: (Slightly agitated and partially concealed by her front door..) "I know you pick up after your dog, but I don't want him on my lawn AT ALL."

me: (Without sarcasm.) "OK. We'll do our best." (Glancing down at her lawn I notice it is mostly dandelions and something else that looks like another pretty weed...)

neighbor: (On the verge of lunacy, she quickly opens her door wider and takes one step out..) "No! You'll do exactly as I say! [something..something...something]"

me: (Using all my mental powers of self control and without sarcasm and only the slightest inflection on the word "nice.") "Have a nice day." (Mason (the dog) and I quickly walk away.. Mason is still bouncing around wanting to play with the crazy lady...)

neighbor: (With my mental powers exhausted, I didn't exactly hear her parting remarks.. something to the effect: "Good day to you TOO SIR!")

That kind of sh*t really f**ks my sh*t right up for the rest of the day. Many days later, I've let the incident go and "Will do my best" to keep my dog off her lawn. Still, I wonder what makes a person behave like that? Is she:

  • On the verge of a nervous breakdown?
  • Feeling so helplessly out of control that she desperately needs to feel like she is in control of SOMETHING?
  • Off her meds?
  • On someone else's meds?
  • Satan?
  • This brings me to the topic of Karma or more/less precisely, "What goes around, comes around." I'm glad I stayed relatively quiet and did not exchange barbs with this woman. Life is too short, and Karmic, to allow myself to be mired in petty disputes. I only wish my superego could nudge my ego like this a little more often.