Deepwaterdaze: Local Rochester Band

Back in the days when Friday and/or Saturday night meant clubs and booze, we used to love to visit Milestones (back when it was at the old East Ave. location) and listen to a local band called "Ethel." Their music had a classic rock sound, but their lyrics and stage presence was contemporary.

More about the Ethel days... )

Time has passed, we've all gotten older, and Bob Wiltse and lead guitarist Dave Mabelis finally put together another band called Deepwaterdaze. They've been playing on and off for several years now at various places - not Milestones so much. Unfortunately, we seldom make it to the shows. Its a true sign of our age when a night at home watching SciFi competes, and wins, with the idea of going out to a bar. With a baby on the way? Forget about it!

If you've gotten too old, or too lazy, to venture out to support Deepwaterdaze, you can do it to some degree online at There, you can download many (most?) of their songs in mp3 format, rate them, and post reviews.

If you are young, in denial about your age, or just plain up for getting out of the house, Deepwaterdaze's next gig is here.