Digital Overload: Your Brain On Gadgets : NPR

Just as food nourishes us and we need it for life, so too — in the 21st century and the modern age — we need technology. You cannot survive without the communication tools; the productivity tools are essential," he says. "And yet, food has pros and cons to it. We know that some food is Twinkies and some food is Brussels sprouts. And we know that if we overeat, it causes problems. Similarly, after 20 years of glorifying technology as if all computers were good and all use of it was good, science is beginning to embrace the idea that some technology is Twinkies and some technology is Brussels sprouts.

We definitely try to limit our child's "media consumption" but it is difficult in this age, especially when all her friends seem to have unfettered access to it. Its also difficult because my wife and I are both heavy media/computer users. And yes, I have already started attempts at teaching our five year old to write code. Like the article summarizes, we don't believe all media is bad and try to set reasonable daily portions for all of us.