First Soccer Game Aftermath: Acme (8) vs. Misfits (4)

Well I survived my first soccer game in many years. Our team won, 8-4, against the "Misfits" and I had a hat trick - 3 goals. The level of play is pretty low in this league. In fact, some of the people on the other team had never played soccer before. I think most of the other teams are a lot better than the "Misfits."

I'm glad we played this team first. We got a good lead, 5-0, so we never had to work hard to catch up points. I was concerned that I might not be up to it physically. This was a good starter game for me. I was sucking wind the whole time. I only felt tightness in my chest and I'm pretty sure that was just my lungs trying to get O2. I've felt a little light headed since Thursday, but that seems to come and go regardless of what I do.

The last indoor soccer league I was on (in NC) was very competitive and rough. There were a lot of heated (usually verbal) exchanges and the refs seldom made an effort to diffuse the situation. In this league, there's no checking, sliding, etc. It should make the games a lot friendlier. They also have an interesting rule that allows the other team to add an extra player if down by 5 points.

We play Thursday nights at Total Sports Experience. Our team is sponsored by Acme Bar & Pizza and the soccer schedule is here.