Google Chrome finally getting tab sync – Tech Products & Geek News

For being such a modern, forward-thinking browser, Google Chrome still has a few rather curious feature omissions — like the ability to right-click an image and set it as your wallpaper, something just about every other browser around can do. Chrome also only recently added a print preview, one other key feature it had been missing for the first 10-plus major releases.

One of Chrome’s strengths is its profile synchronization abilities. What began early on as a way to keep your bookmarks silently updated across all your Chrome installs evolved into something much more full-featured, syncing themes, extensions, apps, preferences, and just about everything else that makes your Chrome install yours. Now, one more piece of the sync puzzle is nearing readiness: your active tabs.

You’ll find the new option in bleeding-edge versions of Chrome (including the Dev Channel, Canary, and recent Chromium snapshot builds) on the about:flags page under “enable syncing sessions.” Once you’ve flipped the switch, relaunch Chrome and head to chrome://settings/syncSetup. The option “Foreign Sessions” will now appear in your sync options.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to enjoy a more seamless experience when changing computers and using Chrome. Power off your iMac and sign in on your 3G Chromebook, and Chrome will sync your last set of active tabs — letting you pick up right where you left off. It wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see this extended to the Android web browser at some point, especially since Chrome-to-Phone already allows a similar kind of syncing (albeit a more manual incarnation).


Looks like this is a hidden feature. In my beta version (18.0.1025.151 beta), "Foreign Sessions" is now "Open Tabs". I haven't yet seen how sync'ing of all open tabs on all my chrome browsers clashes..