Google Reader vs. Newgator


Google has released a web-based feed reader.  It uses an AJAX-based UI similar to Google Mail.  However, unlike gmail, Google reader still seems to have some UI issues it must work out.  I know that the Mac version of Firefox (1.0.6) has a number of "glitches" - none of them critical.

 I have been using the commercial version of NetNewsWire for aggregating my feeds.  This native Mac app really does a nice job.  It was recently accquired by NewsGator - an online feed sync'ing and web-based feed aggregation service.  The announcement: "NewsGator acquires NetNewsWire".  It'll be interesting to see how it turns out for NetNewsWire users..  Well there are plent of other good, clients out there for the Mac - see NewsFire.  I wonder if NewsGator is feeling any pressure from Google.?  If google started providing sync capabilities between desktop feed readers... there'd defintely be competition.  As it stands now, NewGator has the better web UI.. I think.

Is Google the next IBM/Microsoft? 


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