HD Tivo .. in 2006?!

This article reports that Tivo plans to release a set top free HD version of Tivo. Well its about time! But wait, they don't plan to do it until 2006! This may be too little too late. Other HD PVRs are starting to hit the market. If they are well implemented, this could be a serious slip for Tivo in the market. Features like TivoToGo may save Tivo though. This free feature for Tivo series 2 boxes is starting to make it to customers through the Tivo software update. It will allow Windows PC users to watch Tivo recorded programs (with some restrictions) on their PC and (potentially?) burn those shows to DVD. An Apple computer version is supposedly in the works. The fact that TivoToGo does not work with Apple computers and places limits on what can be watched does not make me happy. I understand that the company is walking a thin line with Hollywood and copy protection.