I Bought Omniweb

After more than two months of using OmniWeb, I decided it was worth the $30.00 price tag. Yes, Firefox is great.. and free. I love it, but it doesn't integrate extremely well with OS X. Safari is fast, but pretty bare bones. I really like OmniWeb's approach to tabbed browsing and it has a workspace feature which remembers which windows you have opened. This fits my model of browsing the web. When reading a page that links to other pages, I often open those pages in tabs or other windows to be read after I'm finished with the main page. If I run out of surfing time, interest, or realize I'm way off on a tangent, I just switch workspaces to get a clean slate. Later, I can switch back to that workspace and all my opened windows and tabs are restored. It beats loosing a bunch of bookmarks somewhere in my already overloaded list of favorite sites.