Geek Update

Its been a while since I've posted to my journal. A lot is going on and with the new addition in our house, and a dog, its hard to find time for a lot of extraneous activities. Somehow I managed to squeak in some quality geek time the last few days.

It took me a while, but I finally updated server software to the latest Gentoo Linux with 2.6 kernel. I had a few snags with portage, but finally wrapped up the kernel build yesterday.

I upgraded the the photo album software to the latest stable version. The latest pictures of Emma are up too.

In preparation for upgrading my desktop/dev/test linux box to Gentoo or Suse, I haven't decided, I migrated my Subversion source repositories over to I've exposed the code to the web: (*gulp*) Most of the code consists of half baked ideas (crap), but kamikaze is actually useful. Kamikaze-QSCM ( is my first real attempt at an open source project.

I made a half hearted attempt at learning CSS. I toyed with the idea of improving the launch page using a pure CSS/dhtml/javascript design. As you can see here, I didn't get too far. :)

I've been actively populating my bookmark collection online using now using You can marvel at my collection here: