It Gets Better..

Sometimes, I'm particularly proud to work for Thomson Reuters.  I've always been impressed with their policy on diversity - whether it be for gender, sexual orientation or those with special needs.  In my experience with the company, talented and hard working people are valued above all else.  Period.  

When I was approached to help promote Thomson Reuters "It Gets Better" story, I was not only willing but proud to do so.  However, I'm not a very politically correct person.  I fear I may totally botch the message.  Please feel free to send your corrections along and I'll make amends.  Here goes..

The It Gets Better project is an effort to reach out to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth through personal video testimonials about how there is hope for them in an often LGBT intolerant world.  These videos are touching and inspirational personal accounts of how individuals have suffered, sometimes extraordinarily so, survived, healed, and eventually thrived in a world that is still intolerant of these differences.  The videos are messages of hope.  And Thomson Reuters' video showcases many of our own colleagues' stories.

According to internal communications:

The Thomson Reuters story:  New York-based employee Ruben Ramirez suggested the idea of doing a company video for the Project.  The LGBTF Employee Network agreed to sponsor the project and moved forward with planning after gaining support from Tom Glocer.  An email was sent on May 8, 2011 to all global members of the Network.  The response was astounding with over 100 employees asking to participate.  Over the next several weeks our production team (Ruben Ramirez, Kelly Miller, Douglas Spencer, Jason Spears and Tim Blaquiere) coordinated logistics, partnering with the Reuters Insider team in several locations and setting up makeshift studios in others.  In the end, we received 82 video submissions, including an introduction by Tom Glocer.  In the following weeks the production team sifted through hours of footage, working with Insider editor Ellie Zambrano to produce a final nine-minute video.

I would like to thank EVERYONE on the video for taking the time and having the courage to share something so personal.

This is a video that I am proud to share not only with my colleagues but with my friends and family.  For those suffering from bias, discrimination, and hate, I pray that it brings hope to you.  For those who have never experienced bias and hate, I hope it opens your eyes and your hearts.

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