Kamikaze-QSCM Version 0.2 Released


A number of bugs were revealed when I tested this at work. At work we had several large CVS repositories that were imported into Subverion. I also changed the web page to only show the query form or the results - not both. I added a "Modify" option which allows you to edit the query from the results page.

The bugs fixed since .1:

You can read the release notes here.

You can download the tarball here: Kamikaze-QSCM 0.2

Alternatively, you can get this release via CVS - tagged: tKAMIKAZE-QSCM_0_2

Be sure to read the README.txt for installation instructions. You can view the README here.

As always, I'd appreciate your feedback. Did it work for you? What features (existing or new) interest you?