Mason the Pup


December 9'th we got Mason from Lollypop Farm in Fairport. He's a retriever mix born August 29, 2004 so he's 3.5 months old. He isn't quite house broken yet, but so far his messes have been manageable and he hasn't chewed up anything too expensive.

Click to read more about Mason )Many people think we're crazy to get a puppy 3 months before our first baby. Well, yeah, we probably are, but since Fritz died, I've really missed having a pet. Abby has wanted a dog for years, and after many recent "thumbs down" from me on other candidates, I decided Mason was a good one. Mason has given Abby motivation to get up and out in the morning which I think is good for her physically and mentally. I've enjoyed his company too. Hopefully the baby and dog combo won't be quite the mistake others have proclaimed.