Merry Christmas! 2005

Inspite of my miserable cold today was filled with friends, family,  good food, and LOVE.  Abby did most of the work because I was quite incapacitated with this cold.  (I appear to have some sort of double-whammy sinus and digestive illness going hurts.)  As per tradition, Abby's parents came over for presents and dinner.

Emma was a joy to watch her discover how her new toys worked.  She said a quite a few new words (sorta) like doggy.  Between last night's party and today, she now has plenty of new toys - too many probably.  Her favorite so far appears to be a block sorter.  If you are one of the many who gave Emma a present, thank you!  She also receive many cute new outfits.  Watch for pictures of her modelling them.

I was apparently a very good boy this year.  I received many nice presents myself - including a green iPod Mini and a very nice leather jacket.  (Finally, I own an iPod!  Hurray!  I may blog about why I asked for a mini another day.)  Abby's father gave me a nice hydraulic jack.  Maybe I'll stop pestering him for his when I need to change my tires.  :)  Abby received some kitchen things she asked for along with some PS1 video games and a DVD.

We ended the day with bread pudding and a movie - all except Abby who slept soundly by the tree on the dog's new oversized bed.  Its days like these that you want to burn in your mind forever.  We were happy and together.  I give thanks to God for my family and our little miracle - Emma.

Merry Christmas!

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