New Apple Products - iMac "Front Row", Video iPod, iTunes


Apple announced an all new iMac.  Its thinner.  Built in iSight video camera - means video converencing.  It also comes with a new remote control and interface for playing music, photos, video, etc - "Front Row".

New iPod does video.  30G($299) and 60G($399) models.  Available in  white or black. 

 200 million copies of iTunes with 84% market share.  iTunes 6.  Interesting features:  "Just for you."  This suggests music based on your past buying habits.  Adds music video support.  $1.99 for the videos.?  I'll pass on that, thank you.  No CD or DVD burning of videos allowed.  I'll pass.  Ahh, but they also offer TV shows.  Five shows offered from ABC (aka Disney) - "Lost," "Desparate Housewives," etc.  You can buy current episodes and past episodes.  Current episodes are available the day after the air date.  10 - 20 minutes to download (about the size of 5 albums).  $1.99 an episode.  That may be useful.


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