Oh. Did I Mention We Are Having a Baby?


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I've mentioned it a number of times in passing, but it has been official for quite some time now. Abby is in her second trimester. We are having a girl due March 11.

Names? We need to come up with some names. Abby seems to have a problem with the "Duprey" surname. Apparently nothing "flows" with "Duprey" .. and we all know how important that is. I'm partial to traditional names like Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, Erin. This site lists some popular names and their origin: Most Popular Baby Names [according to about.com] We don't want to pick a name that is too common, but I feel strongly about sticking to traditional christian/western names.

Of course there's a million things to be done around the house. I'll be taking some vacation time to try to get some of that done.