"One Remote to Rule them All" or "How a Puppy Narrowly Escapes Death"


Mason, ate my Tivo remote. I could have killed him! My wife intervened. We went a week without watching TV. We've both been busy with parenting, work, and summer trip planning. I finally broke down and started looking for a replacement Tivo remote. You can get them online for 25-35 dollars. On an impulse buy at "Best Buy" I purchased the Harmony 676 universal remote. It totally rocks! Its the first universal remote that I've owned that has worked flawlessly. Read about the Harmony 676 remote. The remote is not cheap. It cost $200 at Best Buy, but I've since found it at numerous locations (walmart.com for $119 and Amazon.com for $115) cheaper. I've ordered another one from Wal Mart and plan on returning the other one to Best Buy.

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