She May be Five, But She is Still My Little Bean

As I noted, my little girl turned five last week.  We celebrate, again, with all her little friends this coming Friday.  A friend commented on the birthday photos I posted and how big she was getting.  It really is amazing!  Five short, barely perceptible, years ago she was the football-sized "proto-human" pictured below - totally messing with my concept of self.. and my sleep patterns.  

Today she is my little buddy, my longest term wetware programming assignment, my stubbornest opponent, my shard of immortality..  She changed how my wife and I view the future and united us as a couple and as a family in ways more profound than marriage vows or quiet nights alone ever could. 

It certainly was more comfortable when my wife and I were completely self contained units.  Since childhood we've learned to build up walls to protect ourselves from the cold harsh realities of life.  (Unfortunately, these same walls often keep us distant from the ones that we love too.)  Now a very innocent and, in some ways, fragile part of ourselves is exposed again.  It has opened me up in ways not experienced since childhood.  I'm closer to my wife and loved ones because of it.

These "revelations" have got me thinking a lot about the human condition.  I used to dislike people, in general.  Really.  I used to be agnostic at best.  These days, I feel more.. spiritual.  I feel like all my grievances with organized religion(s) have been, somewhat, petty in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, to make a long story short.  The birth of my daughter was the start of something great - a fork in the road I'm glad I took.  I am in total awe of this life, the human condition, and all that it means - not that I completely comprehend it.  

I'm truly blessed by God and I give thanks.