STi Breaks Need to be Warmed Up

I almost hit an SUV in the parking garage a couple of weeks back. The parking garage is heated. Its about 40 F in the garage. Consequently, there are lots of big puddles of water from all the snow that cars bring in. The way the garage is set up, you have practically zero visibility pulling out into the garage traffic. To make matters worse a big suburban was parked on the very end so as I approached the point at which I had to turn an SUV flew out from behind the suburban. Normally this would not have been a problem. My car stops on a dime, but not that day. In a fraction of a second my mind processed the fact that my brakes were not stopping me! I stood on the break and managed to stop 3 feet in front of the SUV. The funny thing is if the SUV had kept going at his current speed, we never would have hit anyway. When he saw me coming at him, he stopped. I ended up at his passenger side door. My ABS never kicked in. Clearly something was wrong with my breaks. Based on this discussion, it sounds like big breaks like my STi's like to be warm and dry. I also wonder if my front pads need to be replaced. I'm seeing some scoring on the rotors. The dealership says both the rotors and the pads are fine - that I have 5mm left on the pads.