The Future Look of the WRX STi


Car and Driver Magazine : New STi and Skyline GT-R Due Soon : November 2004

"The illustration above, purloined by our man in Japan, is an insider's estimation of what the next Impreza WRX STi will look like. Although many of the characteristic features of the current car are carried over—hood scoop, aggressive fender flares, enormous wing—the rest of the car shares some styling elements with Subaru's new corporate face, exemplified by the B9 Scrambler concept car designed by Andreas Zapatinas and displayed on a pedestal at the 2003 Tokyo show. The front-end styling of the concept is shown here and is reportedly the face of future Subarus. A new Impreza WRX STi should hit Japanese roads in 2007 and ours soon after."

It looks like the STi is evolving away from its rally car heritage. Still, I like the new look. Gee my STi will almost be paid for by 2008. Just in time to buy a new model with a new look? (Hope the wife doesn't read this *evil-grin*)