Things That Make You Consider Being a Vegetarian...

As reported on boingboing.. Call it the evils of capitalism "supply and demand." Call it a means to feed the bursting human population of Earth. Call it want you want, but this "E-Z Catch Harvester" disturbed me. Its a "chicken harvester." Watch the video. Some people may find this amusing. I didn't. I wonder how many chickens are maimed or killed in the process. Of course they are going to be slaughtered for food anyway, but this seems considerably more cruel than going out to the coop, scooping one up and lopping its head off.

Will I stop eating meat? No. Will I join an animal rights activist group? No. I would consider spending the extra $1 a pound for meat, if it meant more humane treatment for the creatures. Perhaps this soft civil life of mine is making me weak minded.