This Weekend 6/4-5/2005

Friday night: system restore
Saturday: Abby went to Sodus with Mason and left Emma with me. This was the first time that I've been totally left alone with Emma for an extended period of time. Abby must be crazy. After a morning of play time with Emma, we went to Home Depot and got paint for the living/dining room. I'm sick of the scuffed and water stained walls. Abby seems to like them or is so fearful of picking a wrong color that she'd rather be embarrassed when our friends come over.. ANYWAY! Emma was totally agreeable and took a nap while I did some last minute hemming and hawing over the color choice. (In the end I chose "Fresh Praline" and "Lilting Laughter"... *shrug* It looked good on the computer.)

When we got home I mowed the front lawn. I put Emma in her bouncy seat in the front door so I could see her and her me. Then, between feedings and play time, I prepped half the room for painting. I decided to wait for Emma's bed time before starting to paint. (Besides it was a Myth Busters marathon on the Discovery Channel) I put her to bed around 9 and started painting. Once I got all the tools and stuff out it was late and Emma was restless in her crib. I only did one wall in the dining area. I figured I could do it the next day. Ha! Little Emma was a total cling-on (Klingon) and wanted to be held, fed, and entertained the whole day. Consequently, I only got the dining area walls done and a single coat at that!

Abby came home from Sodus sick, some sort of stomach thing, and just in time to for me to leave for v-ball. I had to speed to get there. Our team had to forfeit one game because our fourth guy showed late. We lost the other two games fair and square. It was stifling at hot shots - no air movement at all. That's OK guys, don't make use of those huge f'ing fans you have!

That was pretty much my weekend. I'm exhausted and want to go to bed now. :) Emma survived. That's the important thing. I enjoy every minute with her and don't mind that I didn't get my painting project done. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it in the evenings and finish it up next weekend.?