Tivo To Go.. Finally!

The TivoToGo software update finally made it to my Tivo! This means that I can download recorded shows from Tivo and watch them on a Windows computer. Well.. I use a Mac so I'm using my wife's computer to download shows. The download is kinda slow. The files are huge and from what I've read, Tivo isn't able to take advantage of my 100 Mbps connection. :(

While I patiently wait for Mac software, I'm taking advantage of the web API's. Thanks to the guys who threw together these PHP scripts, you can see what's on my Tivo. :) Marvel at our awesome taste in programming: Duprey's Tivo [RSS]

Tivo has apparently partnered with Sonic to produce DVD burning software (Windows) for the Tivo videos. However, my hope is that I will be able to one day download the shows to my Mac and burn DVDs for personal use. There's already a hack to transform the digital rights managed (DRM) tivo video to standard MPEG2 (DVD format) for Windows.