'Tollbooth' Author Norton Juster Plays Not My Job

Update: M and I did get to read it this summer and we really enjoyed it.  (A lot of lessons about why learning isn't "dumb".)  While we enjoyed it, Lauren Ipsum was by far her favorite.  We read it twice this summer!

Norton - children understand more than adults realize.  I hope to read this with M before the summer ends. 


'Tollbooth' Author Norton Juster Plays Not My Job

NPR - July 21, 2012

Fifty years ago, a young architect named Norton Juster decided to procrastinate by writing a children's book; his roommate, a young cartoonist named Jules Feiffer, did all the illustrations. The result was The Phantom Tollbooth, which has since become a beloved children's classic.

Since Juster knows enough about The Phantom Tollbooth already, we've invited him to answer three questions about The Phantom Menace. [Copyright 2012 National Public Radio]

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