Upgrades: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

My Mac Pro's Mighty Mouse has been replaced with a Logitech Performance Mouse MX.  This mouse is extremely precise and comfortable to use.  Had my Mighty Mouse's little nubby track ball not continually gummed up, I would have continued to use it happily.  Since the mouse is completely sealed, the only way to REALLY clean it, in spite of what Apple says, is to break seals, then re-glue it after you have all the tiny little parts back in place.  After the second or third cleaning, enough was enough and after switching there's no way I could go back.  

This purchase matches nicely with my Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard I bought a couple of months back.  It replaced the stock wireless keyboard that came with my pre-2008 Mac Pro - the non-aluminum, acrylic backed one.  Some of the white keys yellowed and I found the left shift key would often stick/catch/resist if you didn't hit it dead center.  You can get the diNovo darned cheap, comparatively, from MacMall.  (I paid nearly full price for the mouse, but you can find it $10-$15 cheaper online from reputable sources.)