Use 2-step Verification for your Google Account

Why you should use 2-step verification

"2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account by requiring you to have access to your phone – as well as your username and password – when you sign in. In addition to your username and password, you'll enter a code that Google will send you via text or voice message upon signing in.

2-step verification drastically reduces the chances of having the personal information in your Google account stolen by someone else. Why? Because hackers would have to not only get your password and your username, they'd have to get a hold of your phone."

I recently switched to using 2-step verification and it is only a little more work and a lot more secure. There are a couple of apps that don't work with it - like the Picasa Logitech Revue App, but most will work using an "application specific password". This video talks about those as well. I was recently prompted by a friend to do this after E-mails in my name that *appeared* to come from my gmail account. In the end it was a spoof and my account was fine. Still it scared me enough to change my password and switch to 2-step verification.