Using RSS and BitTorrent to Get Your TV Viewing Fix

This article on engadget describes how to use RSS and BitTorrent to download television shows and other video.

"How-To: BroadCatching using RSS + BitTorrent to automatically download TV shows"

Most broadcast television comes with the disclaimer that personal recording is OK, but it cannot be redistributed, so anyone uploading this content is probably breaking the law. Cable channels like HBO and Showtime also have clauses about redistributing their content. The exception might be public television - like PBS.?

While I can respect the media company's right to make money, I think its time to embrace this new technology rather than try to litigate it to death. Seriously, its time for new business models. I don't think its a battle they can win in the long run. Already I think there is rift between the consumer and the producer - adversarial almost.

Letter of the law aside, I followed the HOWTO and can see an episode of The Daily Show with John Stewart streaming in. Will I go to hell or just be sued to the point of wishing I were in hell?