Valentine's Day

I was determined not to mess up Valentine's day. Especially since I forgot about our anniversary (January 21, 2003; January 21, 2003; January 21, 2003;....). Monday night was busy for us. Abby was baby sitting for a friend, we had puppy class at 6:30, and then we had Valentine's day which is extra special because I asked Abby to go "steady" with me that night (February 14, 1993; February 14, 1993; February 14, 1993;...).

I came home early to layout the Godiva chocolates I had bought the day before, along with some flowers and a card I picked up that day. We met up at puppy class, then went home where I made a very boring dinner - stir fry. For desert, we ate a few chocolates and then somehow ended up in bed! Don't worry this story isn't going to get nasty. We both went to sleep! This was around 9. Every hour or so Abby would poke me and tell me to let the dog out. I would grunt and go back to sleep. How romantic! About quarter to twelve we both got up. I took the dog out, Abby put the food away. I surfed the web for an hour and we both went back to sleep. I guess for a pregnant woman, this is considered a good night because Abby was quite content.

For my Valentine's day gift, I received monkey boxers. I like monkeys.