VB Talks Fitbit and the Fitbit Ultra

Veronica Belmont (affectionately-known-as-"VB"-by-only-me) covers the Fitbit and the newer Fibit Ultra on Techzilla.  The Fitbit is a high tech and very accurate step counter that syncs your activity to the http://fitbit.com website.  I've had a fitbit since September 2009 and I still wear it every day.  It provides the extra motivation to be "minimally active."  One of the occupational hazards of my job is sitting on my butt all day and, as of late, night.  I shoot for 10,000 steps a day.. and fail often but it keeps me more active than I would be otherwise.


I've often thought my Fitbit should have a clock, now the Ultra does.  Is it worth the $99 upgrade? ..not for me.. yet.  :)