Witnessing the Demise of C++ or Its Second Wind

I'm a software engineer who develops most applications using C++. I develop server-based applications on 'NIX and Windows platforms. When I graduated college in '95, C++ was really heating up. It has been *the* language for object oriented programming (OOP) of high performance applications for many years. Even the open source hackers who once scoffed at the idea of C++ over plain old lean and mean C have made the switch at some point.. mostly.

So what's with the title? Why do I wonder if C++ is at the end of its rope?

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I've stumbled on a number of C++ related links that you may find interesting:

  • http://boost.org/ - Portable C++ libraries based on the standard library. The Boost site has a lot of good links - the more interesting of which are listed here.

  • C++ standards committee

  • The C++ Source - a lot of good articles and HOW-TO's here.
  • Adaptive Communication Environment

  • OSE

  • Its clear that its time for me to become fully versed in the Java platform. Its become an obvious choice for many applications. (A good developer strives to ever increase his/her repertoire of tools.) However, I wonder if I'm witnessing the very slow demise of C++ or merely its second wind.?